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How responsive web design can increase giving and tithing

First, what the heck is responsive web design? Put simply, it’s optimizing a website to look and work flawlessly no matter the screen size, with the user in mind. In today’s world of laptops, phones, tablets and TVs, the screen size someone is viewing your site on is not a given. And your visitors are increasingly using their smartphones to visit your site. In fact, 80% of internet users own a smartphone, according to a 2015 Global Web Index study. A recent InMobi report asserts that 60% of internet users are using their phones “mostly” or “only” to access the internet. You can’t afford to neglect the mobile platform, but catering to mobile users by creating a separate site creates additional problems:

  • Greater potential for brand inconsistency
  • Divided SEO (search engine optimization) efforts
  • Additional server space and domain names

A responsive website allows a visitor to easily scroll instead of having to pinch and swipe their way through your site. It also allows you to push exactly the information you want your visitors to see. If you need a map and directions more prominent for those on their phones, no problem!

Someone viewing a responsive site should have a similar experience to working with a well-constructed mobile app. In fact, they might even think they are using an app. But unlike an app, which requires time and money to build and multiple steps for your intended audience to download and start using, a responsive site gets things done simply and quickly.

With a responsive website you can help people navigate the giving process, and instead of it being a 5-8 step process, you can shorten it to 2-3 steps. The simpler you make it to give, the more you’ll increase your overall giving. True, the faithful will always find a way to give to you. But there will also be a portion of potential givers that give up during the process of giving, either because they got frustrated, were pulled away to something more time-sensitive, or thought they had already completed the giving process.

We built GiveSimple on a responsive platform so it is ready to integrate directly into your website, with your brand look and feel. If you don’t have a responsive website yet, you can even point people to a separate GiveSimple page to make it as easy as possible for your potential donors. Give it a try, you could actually be receiving donations in 5 minutes.