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Older members are the most likely to give online

It may not be intuitive, but the 40-59 age group is now officially the most likely group to give online to non-profits. In fact, in 2015, 67% of donors aged 40-59 gave online.

If you’re not giving online and mobile giving the attention it deserves because you think the demographics of your church are skew too old, think again. You’re probably making it more difficult than needed for your members to support your ministry.

Rick Dunham, President+CEO of Dunham+Company, sums it up well:

“It’s easy for organizations to have in mind a 20- or 30-year-old when they think of their online donors, but in fact it is the aging donor that is now the most likely to give online. And the fact that donors 60 and older are as likely now to give online as donors under 40 means charitable organizations must shift their thinking about who is giving through their website.”