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We’re a church, do we need branding?

At its heart, branding is about signaling and communication. Consider two options.

  1. You visit one church website with a loud color scheme, multiple fonts and multiple sizes, stock imagery, and even some grammatical errors.
  2. You visit another church website you visit is clean, simple, easy to read, and visual.

Which church do you think is more professional? Hopefully that’s a rhetorical question. The second church seems like they are more buttoned up, right?

You made a judgment without ever setting foot in either church. Those two different websites could just as easily be for the same church, but executed by different web designers with different talent levels. The websites signaled something about each church to you – they were road signs communicating what was up ahead.

While evaluating a church’s branding might not necessarily be a fair way to evaluate a church, the unfortunate truth is that it happens very often. And since it’s almost as easy to do branding well as it is to do it poorly, there is really no reason why you shouldn’t give building a consistent brand for your church online a little effort.

At Give Simple, we understand the subtle, yet powerful, role that brands can play in our lives. That’s why everything we do is about simplicity and communication. Our giving forms can easily take on the colors and imagery that you’ve already chosen. Your Give Simple forms will blend right into your website, providing your givers with a seamless, consistent, professional brand experience when they visit your church website.