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5 Creative Ways to Thank Your Donors

Your donors might not necessarily expect a “thanks” for their support, but that’s what makes the simple “thank you” so powerful. To keep your donors coming back for more, use one of these fun and creative ways to show your appreciation.

  1. Write a Personal Note. A handwritten note never goes out of style, and shows a human side when interacting with a web-based application like Give Simple.
  2. Get to Know Them. If geographically feasibly, ask a new donor out for coffee or breakfast to get to know them better.
  3. Give a Small (but meaningful) Gift. Is there a book that has meant a lot to you or your organization? What about an album? Do you have a mantra printed up on t-shirts? A small gift can go a long way in reminding one of your donors that you care.
  4. Throw a Party. Gather all of your donors together once a year and treat them to a fun get-together. This could also serve as a fundraising function, and often non-profits are able to get food and services from area businesses donated.
  5. Ask For (and respond to) Feedback. People are much more likely to feel connected to you and your brand if they feel as if they are being listened to, and not that you’re simply collecting money.

What other ways have you seen work?