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3 Benefits of Recurring Giving

(1) Budgeting

Knowing that you have a certain amount of funds coming in every month allows you to plan your church or non-profit budget better. Your recurring gifts become the “floor” of your budget. You should at least have the recurring gifts coming in. Knowledge is power, and in this case, recurring giving will allow you to plan for the future.

(2) Smoothing out Mountains and Valleys

Unless you are diligent in asking for consistent gifts, your monthly income will be susceptible to times of plenty and times of want. Recurring gifts allows your donors an easy no-pressure reminder of their support. And since they will receive an emailed receipt after each gift is processed, you can be assured that they won’t forget either.

(3) Your Givers Are Asking For It

Many folks are looking for ways to make their giving simpler and easier. Recurring giving not only allows you to budget, it also allows your givers to budget. They know when to expect a withdrawal and know exactly how much that gift will be month-to-month.

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